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Where can I get a COVID vaccine?

We've had many phone calls and questions from our patients about where they can get their COVID vaccine. Our county public health department has put together a concise website

that lists all vaccine locations in our county along with contact information for each site. There is also a link to the WA State Phase Finder at the bottom of the page so that you can search to see if you're eligible for the vaccine. If you are not currently eligible, there is an option at the end of the survey to submit contact information so that you will be notified when you are eligible. Hint: You can select more than one notification method. I would recommend requesting an email notification so that you can print out proof of eligibility and you can also request a phone call and/or text message.

We have completed paperwork & trainings for the federal government and are completing paperwork for the state in an attempt to get some vaccine supply here. However, our storage & staffing capabilities are limited. If we are able to get vaccine, we will post a registration form on our website and facebook and will also have paper copies at the pharmacy. We will require proof of eligibility for the vaccine which would be a print out of the email you receive from the state Phase Finder. It is a requirement that vaccines are given by appointment only, so when we do get vaccine we will not have the ability to provide Walk-In service like we do with flu vaccine. Please continue to watch the county website (link below) and our website and facebook page for updates on vaccine availability.

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