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COVID Vaccine is Arriving Next Week!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

We have been approved to receive the Moderna vaccine sometime next week! We have not been told which day the vaccine will arrive, but we are preparing to start getting doses to people as soon as we can. COVID vaccine is FREE for everyone. If you have prescription insurance, we do ask you to bring your card so we can properly bill insurance. If you do not have insurance, you can still get the COVID vaccine for free. Vaccine guidelines require us to share the following information about the vaccine to all recipients. For more information on the Moderna vaccine, see the following link:

Please be patient with us as we have limited staff and we will do our best to get vaccine out to everyone and still provide our regular pharmacy services to the community.

COVID vaccine is given by appointment only. Lakeside Pharmacy provides 3 options for you to register for vaccine. After you complete one of the 3 options, we will contact you to schedule an appointment when you are eligible for vaccine:

1. Complete a registration form online fill out the form below (The online form is available in English & Spanish - click on your preference in upper right corner of the form):

2. Download the pdf form

Lakeside COVID-19 Vaccine Registration F
Download • 106KB
Spanish Lakeside COVID-19 Vaccine Regist
Download • 179KB

Once it is completed you can return it to the pharmacy in one of the following ways:

b. Mail to:

Lakeside Pharmacy

Attn: Stephanie

1117 Main St

Oroville, WA 98844

c. Bring the completed form into the pharmacy

3. Stop by the pharmacy to pick up a paper copy of the registration form at Lakeside Pharmacy in Oroville. If you need assistance filling out the form we are happy to help you.

We have a Spanish speaking staff member at Lakeside Monday-Friday 1pm-5pm.

Am I eligible?

To find out when you are eligible for vaccine go to

After you provide needed information, the site will advise when you might be eligible for vaccine. Choose text or email to be notified when you are eligible and bring a copy to your appointment. (If you register before you are eligible, we will put you on a waitlist and contact you for an appointment once you reach eligibility.)

** Our pharmacy staff can assist with this step if you prefer.

Washington is scheduled to advance to the next phase soon and many more people will be eligible including grocery store employees and agricultural workers.

For more information on where to find vaccine in stock in this area check out the following links:

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