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Change is hard, but we're here to help

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

We are shocked and saddened to hear of the permanent closing of Roy's Pharmacy in Tonasket on 11/14/18. Lakeside Pharmacy welcomes Roy's customers and wants to reassure you that we will do our best to help you with this unexpected closing and make it as easy as possible for you to get your medications. As soon as we heard of this, we began developing a plan to help our neighbors through this difficult transition. It is important to us to do everything we can to take care of the people in our community.

Some things to keep in mind during this time:

1) It is YOUR choice which pharmacy you use. Although Roy's owners chose to sell their files to one particular pharmacy, you ARE NOT required to use that pharmacy. If you choose to trust us with your pharmacy needs, we will assist in getting your prescriptions transferred to our pharmacy. Just contact us by email, phone or stop by the pharmacy and let us know your name, birthdate, previous pharmacy & which medications you would like to transfer.

Your pharmacist is an important part of your healthcare team and you should choose a pharmacy you can trust. Lakeside Pharmacy consistently looks for ways to serve our customers and provide services to make your life easier. We offer delivery and mail services to our customers in Oroville, Tonasket and the surrounding areas. Most insurance plans are accepted and we offer competitive cash prices. Our focus is on our customers and we promise that we will always be upfront and honest with you. We are dedicated to working closely with your doctor(s) and other pharmacies in the area to ensure that you are able to continue to get your needed medications.

2) This closing was unexpected and has the potential to increase the number of prescriptions we are filling each day. We have already started making plans to help us manage the increased number of prescriptions but it does take time to implement these plans. A second register will be installed soon and we are also looking at other ways to continue to provide the best service to our customers. PLEASE bear with us during this transition and let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.

Learn more about us by stopping by our store at 1117 Main St Oroville, WA; visiting our website <a href=>Lakeside Pharmacy Oroville</a> or call us if you have questions (509) 476-4747.

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