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FREE ChildPrint ID Kit

It is time to get ready for kids to head Back to School! Lakeside Pharmacy will be promoting child safety in August by offering FREE ChildPrint ID kits. The kits include a fingerprint strip, a folder to list personal & medical information, a place for a photograph, dental information and a plastic bag for DNA samples of hair or cheek swab.

The ChildPrint ID Kit® assists parents in easily creating a confidential and extremely comprehensive record of their child’s personal and medical information, to keep at home for use in an emergency. When a child is missing, first few hours are crucial to recovery. During this very emotional time, parents often search for current photos and cannot always remember their child’s most basic characteristics. ChildPrint® enables parents to immediately give police a complete and accurate description, saving precious time, and hastening the search. In addition, ChildPrint® includes two pages of important safety tips that parents can teach their children, because education is essential to helping kids to avoid dangerous situations.

While you're here picking up your FREE kit, remember to sign up for our FREE montly vitamin program for kids ages 2-12. Start the school year off right with Lakeside Pharmacy!

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