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Answers to Common Concerns


How do I refill or order new prescriptions?

If you have filled your prescriptions at our pharmacy before, call us with your prescription number or your name and the medication needing refilled.  You can also use the RxLocal App to request refills with your smartphone or click the Request Refill button below. Our new computer software has a new refill website which allows you to see a list of medications you have filled at our pharmacy and request refills directly through the site.  

If you have refills available at another pharmacy, we are happy to transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy at your request.  Contact us with your name, previous pharmacy and medications you would like us to fill for you.

To order a new prescription, ask your doctor to send your prescription to us via e-script or fax.  You can also bring in a hard copy prescription.  If you have not filled with us before, we will need some basic information to fill your prescription: your name, contact information, insurance information & medication allergies.

Do you close for lunch?

No, we do not close for lunch.  We are open 9:00-6:00 Monday - Friday.

Do you take my insurance?

We have contracts with most insurance companies, so it is very likely that we do take your insurance.  We continuously work to get contracts with insurance companies so that we can serve all of our neighbors in North Okanogan County.

My prescriptions are at another pharmacy, can I transfer them to Lakeside Pharmacy?

Transferring prescriptions is easy!  Contact us by phone or email and we will do the work for you.  All we need is your name, date of birth,  the pharmacy where your prescriptions are located and which prescriptions you would like us to transfer.  We will contact that pharmacy for you. Once the other pharmacy sends us your prescriptions we can get them ready for you. 

Can you special order items or medications?

Yes!  If we do not have an item or medication in stock, we will be happy to order it for you.  Most items and medications will be available for pick up on the next business day. *Please note, it is an insurance requirement that all medications that are not picked up within 14 days be returned to stock.  All pharmacies are required to follow this rule.  

Another pharmacy told me there is a national shortage on a medication, can you get it in?

Lakeside Pharmacy uses a different supplier than many of the other pharmacies in Okanogan County.  If another pharmacy does not have your medication in stock or is unable to get your  medication, give us a call and we will check with our supplier to see if we can order it for you.  Better yet, we may already have it in stock!

Is Lakeside Pharmacy locally owned?

Yes!  We are a locally owned, independent pharmacy.  Lakeside Pharmacy in Oroville and Whitestone Pharmacy in Tonasket are both owned & operated by Mike & Stephanie who live in Oroville and are involved in both communities. 

Is Lakeside Pharmacy connected to any other pharmacies in this area?

Lakeside Pharmacy is a sister pharmacy to Whitestone Pharmacy in Tonasket.  Both pharmacies are owned & operated by Mike & Stephanie.  It is not connected to any other pharmacies currently operating or formerly in the area.

I have Medicare Part D, can I use your pharmacy?

Yes!  We are able to offer 90 day supplies and bill Medicare Part D for your medications.

I heard you offer Immunizations. Do I need an appointment or a prescription?

We offer Immunizations on a walk in basis with no prescription needed. You may want to call ahead to make sure we have the immunization you need in stock. We can also bill your insurance, including Medicare. 

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