Answers to Common Concerns


COVID Testing Questions

How do I refill or order new prescriptions?

If you have filled your prescriptions at our pharmacy before, call us with your prescription number or your name and the medication needing refilled.  You can also use the Rx2Go App to request refills with your smartphone or click the Request Refill button below. Our new computer software has a new refill website which allows you to see a list of medications you have filled at our pharmacy and request refills directly through the site.  Click the link below then click the Register button in the top right corner of the site.  Once the pharmacy approves your registration you can see your list of medications. 

If you have refills available at another pharmacy, we are happy to transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy at your request.  Contact us with your name, previous pharmacy and medications you would like us to fill for you.

To order a new prescription, ask your doctor to send your prescription to us via e-script or fax.  You can also bring in a hard copy prescription.  If you have not filled with us before, we will need some basic information to fill your prescription: your name, contact information, insurance information & medication allergies.

  1. Am I able to schedule an appointment a month out?

At this time, we are posting our schedule on a weekly basis to ensure that we have tests in

stock and appropriate staffing to provide the testing. Test availability has been inconsistent

so we do not want to schedule too far in advance and find that we are unable to order more

tests. We appreciate your understanding.


2. I don't see any appointments on the day I need to test, can you squeeze me in?


The schedule posted on the scheduling link shows all openings available and is updated

throughout the day. Our staff members are busy filling prescriptions and do not control the

scheduling platform. All scheduling must be done online. There are certain protocol we are

required to follow as a testing site in Washington State and this requires extra behind the

scenes work to ensure all reporting requirements are met. We appreciate you understanding

that appointments are required and at this time it is not feasible to allow walk-in testing.


3. Where else can I go to get a test?

Our staff do not have up to date information on testing capabilities for other facilities.

You will need to contact other facilities to request information on their testing availability.

At one point, Okanogan County Public Health had up to date testing information on their

COVID website, you may be able to find a list of testing facilities on that site.


4. Will this test work for travel?

We recommend each person check with the border they will be crossing to ensure a

a professionally administered COVID-19 Rapid Antigen is appropriate for the travel they

will be doing. A link is posted above with information on Canada's travel requirements.

People who receive a test at our facility will have the option to get test results via text,

e-mail and/or a printed test result page. This service is provided by SimpleReport,

an official COVID-19 reporting site of the United States government.

Do you close for lunch?

No, we do not close for lunch.  We are open 9:00-6:00 Monday - Friday.

Do you take my insurance?

We have contracts with most insurance companies, so it is very likely that we do take your insurance.  We continuously work to get contracts with insurance companies so that we can serve all of our neighbors in North Okanogan County.

My prescriptions are at another pharmacy, can I transfer them to Lakeside Pharmacy?

Transferring prescriptions is easy!  Contact us by phone or email and we will do the work for you.  All we need is your name, date of birth,  the pharmacy where your prescriptions are located and which prescriptions you would like us to transfer.  We will contact that pharmacy for you. Once the other pharmacy sends us your prescriptions we can get them ready for you. 

Can you special order items or medications?

Yes!  If we do not have an item or medication in stock, we will be happy to order it for you.  Most items and medications will be available for pick up on the next business day.

Another pharmacy told me there is a national shortage on a medication, can you get it in?

Lakeside Pharmacy uses a different supplier than many of the other pharmacies in Okanogan County.  If another pharmacy does not have your medication in stock or is unable to get your  medication, give us a call and we will check with our supplier to see if we can order it for you.  Better yet, we may already have it in stock!

Is Lakeside Pharmacy locally owned?

Yes!  We are a locally owned, independent pharmacy.  The Steinman family owns Lakeside Pharmacy in Oroville and Whitestone Pharmacy in Tonasket. Mike & Stephanie live in Oroville and are involved in both communities. 

Is Lakeside Pharmacy connected to any other pharmacies in this area?

Lakeside Pharmacy is a sister pharmacy to Whitestone Pharmacy in Tonasket.  Both pharmacies are owned by the Steinman family and operated by Mike & Stephanie Steinman.  It is not connected to any other pharmacies currently operating or formerly in the area.

I have Medicare Part D, can I use your pharmacy?

Yes!  We are able to offer 90 day supplies and bill Medicare Part D for your medications.

I heard you offer Immunizations. Do I need an appointment or a prescription?

We offer Immunizations on a walk in basis with no prescription needed. You may want to call ahead to make sure we have the immunization you need in stock. We can also bill your insurance, including Medicare.